Woodbury Church of Christ Sermons


Myth & Mystery | Part One - What Is Church?

(Watch Online) "Church" doesn't evoke the enthusiasm that you read about in the pages of Scripture. Not a whole lot of people get excited and more than a few are even suspicious about the whole endeavor. It's because we've have bought into myths and misunderstandings about what it is and what it is for. What is church? The answer should blow us away. 


Questions | Part Five - The MOST Important Questions

We'll be asked lots of important questions in our life. But none are more important than the question of who do we believe that Jesus is?


8/2 | How to Be Good at Life (Senior Sunday)

(Watch Online) We're impressed by people who are skilled, it could be art or athletics, fixing cars or building houses. We all know people who are skilled at life. They get how things work. The Bible calls being skilled at life "wisdom". How do you GET wisdom? 


Question | Part Four -The “Greatest” Question - Caleb McCaughan

We like to compare ourselves to one another, especially when it makes us look good. We might not call ourselves "the greatest" but that's essentially what we're fighting for. Jesus has something to say about that mentality. 


Questions | Part Three - The Importance of Being Wrong

(Watch Online) Audio is from our live, outdoor service. The audio may reflect this. Nobody likes being wrong but the inability to admit it makes it impossible to follow Jesus. Getting good at being wrong is crucial to our discipleship.


Questions | Part Two - Kingdom Thinking

(Watch Online) We live in a culture that is often divided by controversy. As disciples, navigating this controversial landscape can be fraught with difficulty. Jesus asks some important questions that can help us untangle complexity, confusion, and controversy. 


Questions | Part One - Just One More Thing

(Watch Online) Jesus didn't just hand out answers like he was a walking cheat-sheet for the big questions of life. Instead, he drew people into a transformative relationship with himself by finding people who were willing to give him their hearts. 


Trust Issues | Part Five | Fear is All Downhill

(Watch Online) What is the ONE thing that undermines our trust relationship with God? 


Trust Issues | Part Four | The Path to Happiness

(Watch Online) Once we get our basic needs taken care of we often start asking the question - Can I trust God for my happiness? Is that even an expectation I can place on God in this relationship? 


Trust Issues | Part Three | My Own Worst Enemy

(Watch Online) The greatest challenge to trusting God is NOT trusting ourselves. 


Trust Issues | Part Two - Snap Judgment

(Watch Online) Can I trust God with this? Often the answers of others aren't helping to answer the question for ourselves. Instead, what tools are there to building our own foundations of trust in God?



Trust Issues | Part One - Rope Swing

(Watch Online) What's THE most important question you can ask yourself? 


5/22 | Conversations - Dry Bones and Revival

Revival is the work of God. We prepare for it, pray for it, call for it but it's God who brings it. 


5/20 | Conversations - What We Don’t Know We’re Missing

We're exploring David's song of repentance in Psalm 51. Often, in our sin, not only do we not realize how badly we've messed up but we don't realize how much we're not experiencing God's presence. David's words in Psalm 51 provide a beautiful reminder of God's mercy and renewal. 


5/19 | Conversations - How Much Obedience is Enough Obedience?

2 Chronicles 34. Josiah finds a scroll of the Law and realizes they've not been keeping their end of the covenant. What do we learn about revival from a nation who suddenly discovers they've been falling far short of expectations?


5/18 | Conversations - Revival is A Group Project

When you read about revival in Scripture it's often about an entire nation. Rarely is it just a "personal" relationship but a corporate response. Learn a little more about this group approach to revival our of Nehemiah. 


Revival | Part Five - Drinking from the Garden Hose

You know that one guy who, when it comes to moving the piano, races to carry the bench? Or the group project where the other students have to redo the work of the one kid who is phoning it in? There is a discipleship version of that - people who want credit while putting in the minimum effort. Jesus says this type of follower makes him sick! In this final letter to the churches in Revelation, we'll explore a devastating but hopeful word to a church that had completely forgotten who they were. 


5/15 | Conversations - Culture Isn’t The Bad Guy

It's easy for elements of Christendom to either oppose or adopt whatever culture they're a part of. Jesus at times both defied and acquiesced to culture. He showed that disciples don't define themselves either by conforming or countering culture. Disciples are defined by following Jesus. 


5/14 | Conversation - Relativism & Revival

Relativism is the kryptonite to revival. How will we ever feel convicted about truth or sin if we think that truth shifts based on what causes harm or what makes us happy? Today we discuss how this invasive falsehood of relatives infiltrates and undermines our discipleship. 


5/13 | Conversations - Repentance vs. Feeling Guilty

Sometimes we let ourselves off the hook because we feel bad for sin but biblical repentance is MUCH more than just feeling guilty. 

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